English is the language of international business. If you want your business to grow, you must know the language and the culture—its customs, social preferences, and business-specific phrases.

Learn the language of the global marketplace for leadership, negotiations, and sales through our business-specific training programs. MSV EDUCATIONAL NETWORK seeks to understand your company’s primary business objectives and activities and to respond with appropriate training strategies, instruction, and tools.

MSV EDUCATIONAL NETWORK offers diverse opportunities:

  • Corporate classes
  • Sales and Leadership Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Project Consultation
  • Intensive Language Studies in the USA
  • Exam Preparation- proficiency exams administered by Cambridge and ETS; specialized job placement assessments

For 16 years, Michael VanHook managed corporate accounts and traveled across the United States negotiating contracts for his companies. He has sat with corporate executives in skyscraper boardrooms, monitored quality control over industrial manufacturing processes, and implemented national distribution programs. His experience means your success.

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